After a long 7 years of struggle, Split-release between Burial Mist and Unholyath has been completed and now available in The Ritual Productions. Album was re-done from scratch in 2015 and now comes as 500 hand-numbered CDs. So, this old and long term project and idea has been finished this day, but this is definetely not last collaboration with Unholyath, as you know for now I'm plays bass in this brother band so more things are to come very soon!

Later, in the end of 2016 or in the early 2017 there will be released some old exclusive stuff which was planned to be used for the Unholyath\Burial Mist split in the 2009 till 2014 but in the end was decided to make all this old stuff as separate release along with EP recorded in 2009 but still was not published. Stay Dark!







Small update. Official Facebook page has been launched now. Click here to expore. Long term split between Burial Mist and Unholyath now almost completed and hopefully will be released later this year. There is also one more release planned - Old EP recorded back to 2009 and was unpublished for all this time. Third full-ength album is also slowly going to finish. More info soon!



After the silence, finally, some things are come out. First of all, the main change that Burial Mist no more signed to Black Ravens Blood prod. It is has been done mostly for a personal reasons and each of us choose our own way to move forward. By the way, as far as i know Black Ravens Blood prod. is closed now.

But there are other news and they are good. "Mortificated Symbols of Faith" EP has been released by The Ritual Productions, its come as CD limited to 500 copies as usual. Now I'm preparing for the upcoming split-releases - first one is split with Korium, its will be released via War Against Yourself Prod. and second one is split with Unholyath. I'm joined the Unholyath band as bass player as well so the new stuff is closer than ever. Still have a plans for a few releases, hope to record them in this year. Stay Dark.








Finally, after 4 years, "Celestial Ash" EP was released on CD format. Release has been done by The Ritual Productions with new cover art and limited to 500 copies with 8-paged booklet. Apart from original tracks this CD contains the additions 3 tracks exclusively mixed for this CD. You can get your copy from me directly or in the web shop FENRIZNL shop.

"Mortificated Symbols of Faith" EP has been recorded and mixed recently in February and for now is in a press stage. Release will be done in this spring by mighty Black Ravens Blood Productions as was announced previously. It will be released on CD as 500 copies as usual.

Further in this year come more dark opuses. Now I'm working with Amertat on split release Burial Mist & Unholyath and also split cd with Korium was confirmed and out very soon. More information soon.






Some news for early 2015. Two releases will be unleashed during next months. First one - "Mortificated Symbols of Faith" EP that was recorded in the end of 2014 and will be available on CD via Black Ravens Blood Productions very soon. And the second is an old EP from 2011 that was never released before as single release - "Celestial Ash" EP - will be available via Ritual Productions in the couple of months.



With a little delay now Burial Mist & Vardan's split album "The Essence of the Cursed Landscapes" is finally out. As expected it was released by Black Ravens Blood Productions and War Against Yourself Productions as CD limited to 500 copies. First 50 CDs comes in exclusive hand-numbered DigiPack.

In addition to CDs of "Ashes of the Unholy Past" Compilation that has been done by Black Ravens Blood Productions in September, Schattenkult Produktionen from Germany released it on cassettes limited also to 100 copies. Cassette edetion comes with a changed tracklist.

"Mortificated Symbols of Faith" EP is now in recording stage. It will be released in winter of 2015 by Black Ravens Blood Productions on CD. More infos about this EP will be available soon. More things are to come!







New release has been unleashed by Black Ravens Blood Prod. "Ashes of the Unholy Past" Compilation now available in DigiCd format limited only to a 100 copies, it contains unreleased "Nocturnal Funerals" EP from 2011 and blasphemic black act from 2009 - "Unholy Echoes of the Past" Demo. In near future it will be released on tape by Schattenkult Produktionen also as 100 copies and with a some differences in track list. "Nocturnal Funerals" EP was never available in physical form before this release.

In October will be available new Split release between Burial Mist and Italian one man black metal band Vardan. It will be released through Black Ravens Blood Productions and War Against Yourself Productions as standard jewel case CD limited to 450 pieces and Digipack CD limited only to 50 copies.

Now I'm working on new EP called "Mortificated Symbols of Faith" that will be available later in the end of this year. 3rd Full-length album "When World Fades Away" is also almost done and will be released in darkest days of 2015. More info will be available soon... Darkness Prevails.





New website has been uploaded for now. In Discography closure now you can stream some releases from Burial Mist's BandCamp directly from page. Added some info about releases, not for all for now but it will be fixed in near future. More news expected in next week about new and upcoming dark acts of Burial Mist.