Coffin Spirit

Burial Mist was started by Coffin Spirit in September of 2007 on the ruins of Kirchentod - Underground Black Metal band where Coffin Spirit plays on guitar. After Kirchentod's spit-up Burial Mist was formed as solo project and untitled demo has been recorded. This demo contains 3 tracs of raw lo-fi black metal, this demo must contain 7 songs but during the lack of equipment only 3 were done - there was a tracks that was composed for Kirchentod by C.S. but never recorded. First demo was made on few tapes without any cover art - just blank insert with band name and tracklist. Later some new material has been written and composed in second demo "Insomnia". This demo have a four different versions, one of them you can found in internet, some tracks were added as bonuses for next releases. Actualy no one of demo versions of Insomnia were released. This was a preparation for a first full album that was planned for a long time. Beside the preparations for full length album was done another demo "Subway to Light", there was an experimental ritual abmient improvisation. "Subway To Light" is a cold black reflections of gloomy December night when coldness came... Improvised and recorded in one Morbid night 23rd December of 2008 after the Day of Winter Solstice when the Gates were fully opened. Preparation and writing of the first album has been long and stretched over two years due to a number of negative reasons, so album has turned out very long and musically versatile - from agressive unholy balck metal to sad black doom metal and ambient. Because of equipment shortages album sound very strange but it was the best that could come. It was released by NitroAtmosfericum underground label in 2xCDr in A5 box but during the lack of work and distribution the most of copies were lost, so you can't fide any one i think. Thus Burial Mist was left without first album but it was necessary to move on... After that Demo IV was maked - it contains materials from "Morbid Screams From The Frozen Forests" (this is the title of the first album) record session. Demo IV was never released, only a personal copy exists for the band. Behind first album in the december was done another improvisation demo - slow and monototonous balck metal divided on two long tracks. This demo was released under name "December" by Statanarsa records.



For a while Burial Mist planned some live performances with session members but it was never become real. After release of "December" Coffin Spirit met with Northern Lights Productions (Now R.I.P) and released a couple of releases under this label. First collaboration between Burial Mist and Norther Light Prod. become a rerecorded version of "Insomnia" that was released as limited tape. Then there were a several tape releases like a "Unholy Echoes of the Past", "Odes to Death" and etc. Also Northern Lights decided to release compilation of all old Burial Mits demos in double-tape box that was limited only for a 33 copies. Many material has been written in 2010 and most of them like "Celestial Ash" and split with Unholyath - mighty Ukrainian horde still unreleased and still wait for darkest hours. Last release that was done by Norther Lights was a split with Czhesh black metal band Sekhmet - "Pure Blashpemy Till Death". After that Norther Lights Productions gone in abyss for a long time and was reborned as Black Ravens Blood Productions. During this Coffin Spirit works on a Second full album which was based on old demo "Subway to Light". Album have a same name but was rearranged to black metal, atmospheric and obscure. In parallel with second album new EP was done. It was a first part of "Mysterious Wraithwhispers" dilogy and mastered in one non stop track. Second album and new EP were unleashed by Black Ravens Blood Productions in one month, but after that calmness come to the graveyard and no one heard anything about Burial Mist.


After that come silence for a years. About two years Burial Mist have no releases and activities for public, but still writing music in private. In 2014 graves has been opened and Burial Mist was invited to split album with Vardan - good friend of Coffin Spirit for years. Also some compilations will out soon in tape and CD format and some Split releases planed and work on third Full Album has been started.